Table of contents

Available energy readings attributes and their description

Reference for all possible attribute codes and their meaning.

Device typeData typeDescriptionCode
GatewayfloatNetwork traffic txtx
GatewayfloatNetwork traffic rxrx
Battery MonitorfloatDischarged Energy deltadH21
Battery MonitorfloatCharged Energy deltadH22
Solar ChargerfloatUser yield deltadYU
System overviewfloatGrid to batteryGb
System overviewfloatGrid to consumersGc
System overviewfloatPV to batteryPb
System overviewfloatGasGu
System overviewfloatPV to gridPg
System overviewfloatPV to consumersPc
System overviewfloatBattery to consumersBc
System overviewfloatBattery to gridBg
System overviewfloatGenset to consumersgc
System overviewfloatGenset to batterygb
System overviewfloatWater heatingdW
System overviewfloatAir heatingdA
PV InverterfloatEnergy deltadpE
Grid meterfloatGrid Energy from net deltadgb
Grid meterfloatGrid Energy to net deltadgs